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A commissioned illustration for a friend and her sister. 

Ugly days.


Robotic architecture in a back alley of Gion, Kyoto.

I’ve been digitally illustrating this doodle I did in my sketchbook at Tafe the other day in Illustrator and it kinda really makes me happy. 

Getting there! Probably going to add in a bunch of tiny ass small flowers now!

Something I was messing around with a few nights ago.

I haven’t posted anything on here in a while, so have some art.
Here’s another thing.
I’ve been finishing off my cert iv design course this year, and in doing so I’ve been very busy. Sorry. 
I’m not sure how much I’ll keep working on this, but it’s really nice to be doing some kind of free form digital illustration for a change. 
Make sure you keep the 15th free for some nice afternoon hangs at Whites for these boys’ well anticipated split release. If you’re a fan of bands like American Football, Title Fight, Sunny Day Real Estate, Touché Amoré and Defeater, then watch this space, or better yet, chuck a listen. 

It’s a free all ages show with some of the best people going round, so don’t be shy. You can get a taste of the acts here: 
Suburban Haze
Having extra doses of progesterone pumped into my body each day has started changing the way my body works, and for the first time I’ve started putting on weight where I’ve never had weight before, and it’s kind of really hard to feel comfortable with that but of late I’ve stopped caring as much, and of course that’s not going to be a constant for the future but it’s good enough for now. And hey, I dunno, weight’s not a bad thing and this extra weight has really kind of pushed myself to accept that one’s weight doesn’t determine how much of a ‘better’ person you are, as much as I’ve told myself that in the past, because even when I was thinner I still felt like I was constantly comparing, and degrading myself against every other person in the world - and actually since the weight has become even much more noticeable to people besides myself, I’ve taken a stronger objective view, almost like I’m detaching myself from my body completely, in a way where I don’t feel like it’s mine anymore so I can focus on doing other things and trying to improve other things that I can actually improve, rather than having a constant desire to watch a weight I can’t really do much to right now. 
Anyway, this is kind of meant to be body positive, and in the end, this drawing isn’t really about this at all, it’s more so me just feeling fucking sick in the gut, but maybe it just acted as a good starting topic to talk about this, because I’m trying to be positive and I’ve wanted to talk about that for a little bit now. 
In a nut shell, body image is really fucking lame 98% of the time, but hey, maybe it’s just like, getting older and accepting shit or some fucking shitahudaudiudnno
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